"Heads up!"
(After this, Xena drops a kick on a skeleton's head, shattering its skull)

Xenaria Skablad (Occasionally going by Xenarif Lockwood), better known as Xena, is a childhood friend of Ender. She is smart, with a rebel streak. She does not take well to insults, and can become invisible at will. Her Master Stone, Xena's Orb, allows the user epic jumping ability, speed, agility, and invisibility. Her weapons of choice are two long hunting knives, a katana, a tomahawk, and a tommy gun (However, she is still terrible with a bow and arrow). In the future, she apparently marries Ender and has four Children: Anakin, Zandar, Ria and Xici. During the Old Future, Xena, Ender, Silas, Darquesse and Cilan are captured by the Dark Master. He haunts them with their worst memories, and leaves them to The Hounds. Xena and Silas manage to escape, and Ender, feeling betrayed by her, takes revenge on Silas by mentally burning him. Xena shows her ultimate loyalty to Ender by leaving Silas to die. He regenerates, and forgives and apologises to Ender. However, after much persuasion, a lot of flirting and a few cars, Xena and Silas date briefly before they both get bored and split up.


Xena has dark brown hair and purple eyes. She wears a black t-shirt and jeans underneath purple armour. In the Old Future he hair is slightly silver.


  • Two falchions, silver-colored, razor-sharp
  • Two boomerang tomahawk scythe things
  • Eagle-eye bow and homing arrows
  • Semi-automatic Thompson machine gun
  • A set of magical kunai, which return when thrown (a gift from Foxy)
  • A violent temper
  • Absolutely shredding insults!