The Lords of Minecraftia are supernatural beings of immense power. There are twenty, but three are outcasts.

Notch The WiseEdit

The first lord, he has supreme power over all. He is brave, but kind at heart. He did not remove any creatures.

Jeb the elderEdit

As the second lord, he has major powers that rival Notch himself, but he will never harm him. He is strong and inspires fear in his enemies.

Ender the SharpEdit

Ender is the Protector.

Silas the vainEdit

Overconfident and vain, but useful at times.

Geomis The shiningEdit

The Lord of the Ores.

Galafses the ShroomedEdit

Turned himself into a mooshroom.

Kamasen the starstruckEdit

Cares about nothing, always staring onto space.

Warp the contestibleEdit

Always up for a challenge. The one who created both chickens and eggs, but never told in which order.

Maelstromian The MadnessEdit

Killed Notch one time, and created creepers.

Genesis the CreatorEdit

Keeps everything together, and apparently loves Herobrine, as she put him back into Minecraftia.

Leiene The fairEdit

The lady of flowers, she created all of the beautiful things. All men have eyes for her.

Gravus the melancholyEdit

Never has a smile on his face.

Zenor The schemingEdit

A master of disguise who loves pranks.

Gaiden the silentEdit

The one who never speaks.

Herobrine the masterfulEdit

The brother of Notch, and rightful King of Minecraftia.

Xena the rebelEdit

It is unknown how this happened.

Drasa the TurncloakEdit

Drasa is the Lord of the Nether. He has not been banished because he has not been found.