Sonake Akemada the Yellow Flash was the Fourth Hokage of the New Order. He is the only other living member of the New Order apart from Conner, and he is Ender's nemesis.

He used to be the wielder of the Bloodsword, but it was taken by Ender after their first battle.

Sonake was born on Hoak, two years into the Civil War, to a poor farming family. He has a younger brother, Conner, who is four years his junior.

The Akemada family farm was raided by soldiers and their parents killed - Sonake and Conner fought with the farmers against the military until Hoak was effectively destroyed and the population decimated. During the fighting, Sonake met the Hokages who would later help form the New Order. The War changed Sonake physically and mentally, exposing a darker side that Conner hadn't seen before.

After the Civil War ended, Sonake (aged 19) and Conner (aged 15) teamed up with Malladus, Kronos, Hyperiate, Halai and Ketei to form the New Order, a group of seven Hokages determined to find a new home. Within five years, they had all become corrupt and murderous, apart from Conner. Sonake emerged as the most ruthless of the New Order and eventually became interested only in spilling blood, no longer looking for a new home. Sonake fell in love with Hyperiate, and they had a child, Kokiri, who they abandoned. The New Order was destroyed by the EnderLords save for Sonake and Conner, and the Yellow Flash decided to seek out his daughter.


Sonake is slightly taller than Conner, with gold hair (one black streak in the middle), and amber-yellow eyes, one of which appears to be cracked along the middle like a pane of glass. He has two sheaths on his legs, two behind his hip, and a massive one on his back, totalling to about five separate swords. His eyes will occasionally either glow yellow or white, and he will also shudder violently for a few seconds. He normally wears robes similar to Conner's, but instead of white and gold, he has black and silver. As with all Hokages, Sonake has ears and a tail. His are a sulphuric yellow colour.

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