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  • u are definetely #1 on this wiki Ender BTW its minerspalace64 from fanfiction

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  • Hello. The StarGate Wiki meets most of our best practices, but it will need a few tweaks in order to be spotlighted. First there are a bunch of uncategorized pages that need to be sorted out. The other issue is that the front page needs some sprucing -- more images and maybe a slider?, portal-style links to major types of content, and just general organizing so the content that is there is easier to find.

    If you would like help with the main page, you could ask the community development team to take a pass at it.

    Please let me know on my wall when you have taken care of these two things and I will be happy to check again.

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  • Hi. So. I have two notifications to send you. This is the first one :).

    Step One of the Plan Has Been Completed. Now we are on Step Two.

    The Project has set up a Skype Group Chat. This is a place where we intend to get all members of the Project onto it. However you are no ton there..

    So do you have a Skype account? If so please tell me it privately on wikia chat so that I may add you to the group.

    And That's The First One XD. Screw it ill write the next one on here as well XD.

    Ok so now we are on step two: Gameplay Mode Design. We have decided that for the Project's interview with 505 Games we are going to design twenty levels to show them so that they may play the levels and if they like it hopefully be impressed.

    So we have created a job named: Level Designer. This job is for the person who designs the levels. So far we only have three of these. So all members of the project are being sent inviatations to join.

    So do you wanna join? answer whether you do or don't :)

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  • Our Current Task In The Project Is Preparing Ourselves To Go To The Exploritary Talk With 505 Games. If We Are Prepared To Go Then We Can Go. If We Are However Unprepared To Go Then We Cant Go. Right Now We Are Unprepared To Go So We Must Make Ourselves Prepared To Go. To Accomplish This Task We Have Written Out A Plan Of Five Steps. Once These Five Steps Are Done The Plan Will Be Complete. And When The Plan Is Complete We Will Be Prepared To Go To Our Exploritary Talk And The Task Will Be Accomplished. So Our Plan. We Have Split Our Work Into Five Parts. We Are Going To Prepare All Five Parts One By One. Starting With The First Part and Ending With The Last Part Aka In Canalogical Order. So The Five Parts Are: Creation Mode, Gameplay Mode, Story, Music, Art. And The Plan Is. 1. Prepare Creation Mode 2. Prepare Gameplay Mode 3. Prepare Story 4. Prepare Music 5. Prepare Art That’s our plan. So right now we are on step one. Prepare Creation Mode. We Are Going To Design All Of Creation Mode. Once all of it is designed then Creaation Mode will be prepared. And as the first step of the plan is: Prepare Creation Mode, the first step of the plan will be complete and we will be on step two. So we are looking for Creation Mode Designers. These are the people who will design Creation Mode. We need a minimum of five Creation Mode Designers before we can begin designing the mode. So we have decided to find five Creation Mode Designers. Once they are found we will begin designing Creation Mode. However we can not begin designing Creation Mode until all five game designers are found. So we have decided to find our five Creation Mode Designers. Once they are found we will begin designing the mode. So This Notification Is An Invite To Become A Creation Mode Designer. If you would like to accept the job please reply saying so. If not then please reply saying no. Only say yes if you are sure you are capable of doing this job. In each and every Creation Mode Designer all we look for is someone who will be GOOD at the job. Simply reply saying yes if you want to be one or no if you don’t. If you say yes then we are on four as we so far have three. Thank You For Reading Oli h

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  • Hello, We're excited to have The StarGate Wiki as part of the Wikia community!

    There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful tips and links to get your wiki going:

    All of the above links are a great place to start exploring, and have fun!

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