The Master Gemstones are legendary artefacts, all with magical powers. Only members of The Master League can use them. They were forged by Geomis.

The Original DodecaEdit

Ender's OrbEdit

This stone belongs to Ender. It is the source of his EnderLord abilities. It was given to him by Qarvus.

Dragon's RubyEdit

A large red ruby, left to Ender by Qarvus, the Seventh Dragon. It was retrieved from an ancient dungeon.

Frost's SapphireEdit

An icy blue sapphire imbued with the power of the ice tiger Frost. It was obtained from Frost's heart.

Hokage's TopazEdit

A yellow stone imbued with the power of the Hokages. It was given to Ender by Conner.

Jason's EmeraldEdit

A glowing emerald charged up with the energy of life. It also allows the user to contact Jason Woodspree at any time, from whom it was obtained.

River's OpalEdit

A water-charged stone imbued with the water-bending powers of River, from whom it was obtained.

Xena's OrbEdit

Allows invisibility and boosted running and jumping abilities. Contains the power of Xena, from whose heart it was obtained.

The Mind StoneEdit

The power here is to see the future and past, and enter a lone man's mind. It was retrieved from a large group of hooded men.

Thunder ShardEdit

A greyish shard that crackles with electricity. Its electrical power is more than ten times that of Zekrom. It was retrieved from the top of Tabletop Mountain on Daichi.

Blaze's SparkstoneEdit

Always buzzes and hums to itself, and glows with a strange light. It can see the unseen. Its strength was drawn from Blaze's secret power.

The Shadow SphereEdit

A sphere created by the evil-turned-good shadow clone of Ender, Shaden. It has the remaining fragments of his evil self trapped inside. It was also forged from his dark heart.

The Master DiamondEdit

Formed of all the powers of all the stones. It was formed using Ender's pure heart.

'Not' GemstonesEdit

These are not actually Gemstones, but rather artificial powers, or ones not mentioned in the official Books.

Shadow StoneEdit

The stone created by Silas to contain all of the evil in people, as it can absorb evil and excrete it.

Alisto Crystal Edit

While this is in fact an actual Master Gemstone, the only mention of it is in an Alternate Universe book by another author. (Xena13a's Legend of the Hybrid) The main function is translating every language on either the user, or those within the area. Inside the LoE plot, it is considered one of the King's Boons, artifacts scattered through space-time.