Malladus the Demon is the First Hokage of the New Order. He was the strongest of the New Order, due to him being descended from Malladus the Demon King, before meeting his death at the hands of the EnderLords. He fought on the side of the farmers during the Hoak Civil War, but became corrupt. He was the leader of the New Order, and had a close friendship with Sonake. Malladus was tall, broad and strong and had long, blond hair that hung about his shoulders. He also wore a braid in his hair with a small blue crystal, which, unbeknownst to him, contained the soul of his ancestor, the Demon King. Like all Hokages, Malladus had canine-like ears and a tail. His were a strong blue, but the ears were cut off in battle during the Civil War. He was killed at the Battle of the End by Ender, but later came back as a Demonic Spirit.

In this form, Malladus possessed Ender, forcing the rest of The Master League to fight him. He was defeated, and his (Malladus's) shattered fragments were stored inside the Shadow Sphere. Malladus's soul still roams inside the Sphere, searching for a way to break free.

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