There are many versions of Alex. This page deals with who they are, how they came about, and all that good shit.

Alpha Timeline AlexEdit

The usual, base Alex. Created as part of Ender's universe.

The DictatorEdit

This version directs Ender's story, and has complete power over the plot. He never appears in the story, only writes it, and creates everything from Scratch.

Alex (Zalgo'd)Edit

This version of Alex occurred from, first, The Dictator imagining a version of himself with extreme physical abilities, which then extended to Zalgo. This version is in a relationship with Zalgo's personification (who is female, btw), and they are deeply in love with each other, somehow.

Creator AlexEdit

This version is The Dictator's avatar. He has unlimited potential for creation and destruction, although overuse of this power leaves him physically and mentally exhausted.

Cybernoid AlexEdit

This version was caught up in some catastrophic explosion, lost his right arm, left leg, half his right leg, half the left arm, right eye, and severely damaged his spine, ass, skull, and other vital (and non-vital) areas. Due to strange blueprint shenanigans, he was rebuilt by some half-incompetent hospital goons, and fixed himself to top condition from there. He then beat the shit out of everyone. The end.


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