Hank J. Wimbleton is an efficient killer who teams up with Sanford and Deimos. He has running feuds with Jebus, Tricky and The Auditor. He is fast, efficient, and has a lot of experience. He is proficient with most, if not all, types of weaponry, but has a few go-to weapons, like the nigh-unbreakable Dragon Sword, twin Uzis, wire, a shotgun, a battle-axe sharp enough to cut through flesh like butter, and, of course, his bare hands.


Originally, Hank was a man like any other. Then, he died in several ways: Shot in the head, stabbed through the middle, smashed by an angry zombie clown, etc. Now he is taller, has a metal jaw, red sunglasses, black clothing, a huge red tentacle-arm, and a lot of spare blue "Normality Energy", which resembles small blue thunderbolts. Well, sometimes. with enough concentration, he is able to use the N-E to switch to his original form, and a special machine to go back to his BS-ALF mode (Biomechanical Semi-Artificial Life Form).


Ender has encountered Hank twice before the encounter in Legend of Ender 35 (Madness Advanced): Once in the first book in The Camp, the second time in Book 20 (Endertale) as the Lord of Madness (the Dark Green soul colour, which is commonly found in the people of his world). He gets along well with Ender and co., mostly, but has a rivalry with Endin due to both of them being biomechanical semi-artificial lifeforms with supernatural abilities.