Endorian is an ancient language, spoken by the remaining Ender-folk. Barely any know a word in this complex tongue, and even Ender and Xena aren't completely fluent, but words in this language have extreme power. If Latin, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Vargran, Gibberish, and many other languages and imagination were all crammed into a retarded blender, and then the blender (with the language mash inside) is stuffed into another, much larger, even more retarded blender, and then the whole thing is Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha'd into space by a wheelchair and collided with a large dragon circling a yellowish spit of land, in space, inhabited by tall, black creatures, and the whole thing coated the land, and soaked into the creatures' brains, and it ended up with magic powers, and then left to brew in darkness for a few millennia, it would be pretty close.

It also has a different alphabet, but that can be learnt easily.

It's easy to understand once you know the basics.

This page is only the pronunciation.

Basic Dictionary 1.0Edit



Drago - Dragon or Legacy

Foqui - Fire or Focus (can be used as a verb)

Aglam - Water or Crowd

Terrem - Earth or Fear

Esquam - Air or Escape

Narnai - Narnia or Time

Hyro - Power or Hero

Envik - Sight or Target

Nacram - Shadow or Death

Golle - Gollum

Hente - Ender

Exer - Xena

Esilo - Silas

Harkeqol - Hokage

Tokner - Thunder

Vortek - Wind or Vortex

Eirens - Team

Koris - Day

Korsol - Sun

Nocis - Night

Nocsol - Moon

Chako Nores - Chuck Norris

Spatre - Sparta


Fortik - Strong

Kazli - Weak

Dinybl - Good

Inmighewi - Bad

Aalkrikahar - Dead

Impossibru - Impossible

Chunoris - Unstoppable

Cukorris - Unbeatable

Gemlikr - Masterful

Materfengu - Mothafuckin'


Enker - Black

Enreje - Red

Encoco - Yellow

Enagle - Blue

Enblaki - White

Koren - Green

Koenti - Purple

Korane - Orange

Kogrie - Grey

Zytor - Turquoise

Zymagne - Metallic

Zyor - Gold

Zyplati - Silver

Zykerko - Bronze

Zycrimil - Crimson


Minix- - Fade or Shrink

Creol- - Create

Grandhar- - Grow or Strengthen

Empoj- - Push

Empar- - Pull


Special EndingsEdit

-sen - Light

-kuno - Dark

-sol - referring to a body in space


-sil - My ...

-ker - Your ...

Verb EndingsEdit

-i - I ...

-es - You ...

-u - He/She/It ...

-iko - We ...

-esker - You (plural) ...

-urori - They ...

Basic SentencesEdit

Precosil! - My precious!

Dragosen - Light Dragon

Nacraker - Your death

Hyrokuno - Dark Hero

Hyrosil minixu - My power is fading

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