"It's time to kick *ss and chew gum. And I'm all outta gum."

Alex is one of the main members of StarGate, and is well known for his volatile attitude.


Despite having blond hair, he is the second smartest person in the team. He also permanently has a large blaster attached to his right fist and is always wearing a purple or black cape. He is occasionally seen wearing a large Bane-like gas mask on the lower half of his face. As an addition to the hand blaster, he later created a blaster attached to his chest that was powered by his heart.

And sunglasses. Sunglasses are important.

As a Stardust Rogue, he dons a suit that resembles that of Proto Man from the Mega Man series, but with some minor adjustments. It has different colors, and the arm that does NOT have a blaster attached to it, there are several buttons, further described here.


Alex is normally cheerful, but has a darker side to his personality. He always has a dark shadow residing in his eyes; possibly a remainder of when he and Ender were one.


  • Due to strange majyyks, he has spawned a multitude of clones of himself. See here.
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